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Concrete Floors of Sarasota

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Terrazzo Restoration

Florida has a diverse history of terrazzo floors.If you own a home 40 years old or older,chances are you might have terrazzo in your home.These older terrazzo floors were mostly cementious terrazzo,meaning the aggregates (marble,stone,shell,etc) were bound together with portland cement.

These floors commonly have been covered up and neglected over the years.Staining and holes are common and can be dealt with but there are no guarantees that they will disappear.We most commonly see older floors that are dingy and are maintained with floor waxes and topical sealers.The process of restoration usually involves grinding the terrazzo and bringing it up to a glossy polish. This process allows a shine never seen before to come through.Then the floor is sealed with a penetrating sealer or "guard" product.Each floor is different and will have its own needs and process of restoration. We can match the existing terrazzo when repairing holes and cracks so that the repairs blend as good as possible,but these areas will likely still be slightly noticeable and won't look perfect. If you have questions regarding terrazzo or would like to set up a free estimate to review your terrazzo project please call us!

Concrete Floors of Sarasota